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Cliff you emailed about the rodeo in Cheyenne. Does anyone remember the cowboys and fans in their seats throwing food at us? I seem to remember this. It was so awful on the horses and bulls having their balls tied up. I remember quietly protesting.

Sid, where is Glen Silverstein? Is he in Phoenix with you or up north. I am going to Arizona after the reunion where I'll be camping all summer about 18 miles north of the Grand Canyon. Anyone can come visit.......

I remember hanging out with Glen's younger brother about 6 years ago when I visited my Dad.

Where is Steve Ronson?

I saw Andrea Levine about 3 years ago in Richmond, Virginia.

Elise Cohen will email me about once a year. I saw her about 3 years ago too. Justice and I visited her in Westchester where she bought a house.

Jeff Antin, where are you these days? How is your sister, Debbie?

It will be real nice to see everyone. Hope we can all make it!
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