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Sleepovers by the Lake and other wet dreams.

The brain is weird. I called Mike Alterbaum in Houston on Saturday to make sure he hadn't been swept away by the oncoming tides of Hurricane Ike. He was high and dry in the company of Donna Abromowitz's family who had been told to evacuate and chose Mike's house as a friendly enclave. They were without power, but otherwise unscathed. That was good news as we Gulf Coasters are incessantly ducking the onslaught these days, as one torrential storm follows another. As my brain would have it, one water episode then uncovered another and I found myself in the midst of a failed attempt at an afternoon nap trying to remember various Wel-Met Lakeside sleepout spots. I recalled once in Unit 5 sleeping out at what I think was then C Dock on the sand. We gathered our sleeping bags and gear and spent the night intertwined and relatively loosely supervised. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! Then of course there was the hike beyond Turtle Rock where there were multiple smaller camp sites where I learned various lashing techniques that later came in quite handy with a particularly kinky college coed, but that is kindling for another tale for another day. I do remember often in Pioneers loading up the canoes while others hiked to the far end of the Lake, and camping out under a small stand of Pine Trees, their needles acting as soft undercover. I think they thought this would be good training for the Western Trip. For the life of me I can't remember any others, someone help this old bitter twisted water obsessed brain out please?

Brett Finkelstein
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Old 10-22-2008, 10:01 PM   #2
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I remember a three day sleep out at a lake about 20 miles from camp. It started to rain and the lean to collapsed, I had brought an air mattress that year and slept under it for the rest of the night , the driest camper of the bunch.....

My fellow campers sliced it up when we got back.

The only way we could get a fire started the next morning was to use some borrowed gasoline from some other people in the area, not Wel-Met style ,but necessary.

Another place we camped out at N' burg was off to the right of the lake by a stream.

Finally, as I have now relocated to a hurricane's probable course in the future I am glad everyone is all right. Fay soaked us this summer, but my family and I stayed dry.

Bob (Klein) Behr
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