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Frank Badome's story

Someone recently asked about Frank Badome and the first thing that came to mind was I heard he had died (maybe I read it somewhere on the website but I don't remember). All I know about Frank's Wel Met history is that we were on Western Trip #3 together in 1969.

Recently, and amazingly, I noticed the name of a Facebook friend of my cousin, who went to Midwood High (Class of 72). Her name, Jackie Eisen Badome got me to wonder, and I asked my cousin if she had a connection to Frank Badome. Bingo! Jackie is Frank's widow. My cousin asked her permission for me to write her which she gladly and graciously accepted. I wrote to Jackie that when I think of Frank "an image comes to mind of this large kid with a big smile, who ruled the roost on my Western Trip."

I got Jackie's permission to share what she wrote me about Frank. It's a sad story but Jackie and Frank had a great life and family together, and she continues to share memories on a Facebook page "Frankie boy we love and miss you".

Here's Frank's story, as told by Jackie:
Hi Stew,

Well...what can I say but I am so glad you went out of your way to find Frank, and instead found me. I have looked for his Wel met friends and his Jamaica HS friends but have not been successful till you. I did post something on the fb wel met page last year looking for anyone who knew him, but never got any response. He was the big kid with the big smile who ruled the roost in anything he did his whole life. I was lucky to have been married to him for 27 years. Frank had a heart attack in July 1988. Nine weeks later he had a heart transplant at Columbia Presbyterian. If you would have seen him you would never know he ever had a health issue. He had the most unbelievable outlook and life was to be lived and loved . And we had a great life together. Things were great until 2003 when his heart started failing and we were told he would need a second transplant. Everything has a shelf life, including transplanted organs and his was nearing it's expiration date. By then we were living in Florida, but he went back to Columbia and lived in the hospital for months waiting for a second transplant. That finally came in Feb 2004, but he never really recovered from the second one. He died in Columbia Presbyterian after a month in the CCu on a respirator..... I miss him terribly...... I do have 2 wonderful sons, 24 and 25 and for that I am thankful. My older son is a computer art teacher here in Palm Beach County and my younger son is an actuary in Boston.

I am sending you an invitation on facebook to the fb memorial I created for Frank. Please join it and I would love you to post that picture on it. Post anything else you would like. Please tell any other Wel metters I would love to hear from them too. Frank was a special guy....It's nice to know people think of him and remember him fondly. (When I'm gone they'll say "it's about time!!!).

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, it sounds like you will!! I will be with family here in Florida but I'm going to Boston (hey..I need to meet Joe when I'm there) and New York Christmastime. I haven't done cold and snow in years, I am little scared about that. If it drops below 75 here I think there is a chill in the air. Just like Syracuse, right????

Stew, again thanks for finding me. Frank loved his Wel met years and spoke of them often. He would have loved finding all his old friends on facebook. Thanks for getting him there.

Stay in touch,

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I know Jackie - we are FB friends and went to Midwood together and knew Frank as person to hello to.

Jay Feld
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