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I remember mornings in our fair woods. You could hear a pin drop, and before the restless masses awoke from their slumber there was a comforting warmth to the silence wrapped around me in my Army blankets of grey wool. I thought I could hear the sounds of rumblings down the road as the Kitchen Boys began their day in earnest. Cool and quiet and promising. Beginnings. Like the coming of spring, a renewal.

These past months have been troubling in spirit, in harsh economic reality. Promises made, some bastardized for the greater good, some left quietly behind as remembrances of the scaffolds of righteous indignation of past discourses. It seems we weave our web from silk when we least can afford the plain cotton of rags. Surely some promises will be kept, and fulfilled. Some relief from the doldrums of a windless sea, an uncharted course amidst the stars that reside above to endlessly guide us.

I am as guilty as any man for my comfort in the status quo that now slips effortlessly from my sight. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate the past, yet when it comes time to put my remembrances away and tend to my daily rigors, I too now find it difficult to do. I want the comfort of what I am familiar with, not the challenge of a new and uncharted horizon. Has that just come with age? Why my trepidation.

I miss my friends who have travelled far from home, some never to return. Their endless optimism, the smiles and encouragement and comraderie we shared. I miss their quiet voices of reason, and without them I do fear I am far lesser apt to face my perils. But we will go forward never straight as we used to say. In time others shall step to the forefront to deliver a message of encouragement that this too shall pass.

Here's to Spring. A place of dreams, a time of wonder. A bold undertaking this new season. A challenge of unheralded proportion in our topsy turvy world. I know I don't stand alone, and for that I am grateful. And so past and future meet in this moment, all of us together shaping a new course. And I will still always come here to remember what was, so I can better appreciate and respect what is. For that I have you all to thank.

Brett Finkelstein

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Very nice!
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Harvey Shiffman
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enjoyed reading that
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Lightbulb Thank you


Thanks for this. I haven't been on the site for a long time. Sitting here on this rainy Sunday, you have lifted my spirits.

Thinking of Wel-Met and those years that we thought we could change the world. It is heartening to know that some of us, still are on that page.
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