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Western Trip III, 1969


My brother sends an e-mail to me at work and passes on a link to this site. To coin a 60's term, MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY!. There I was at work (Eastern Washington State at the Hanford Department of Energy site) and I couldn't stop reading the e-mails (yeah, your tax dollars at work!). If it is possible to smile while one's jaw has hit the floor, that was me!

But before I go any further, I used to be known as Bobby Brounstein. Today the "Bobby" has gone, but if there is anyone out there who remembers me, please don't hesitate to call me Bobby. It will put me into a wonderful state of mind.

THANK YOU Stew Koenig for passing on everyone's names from the 1969 Western III. There's no doubt about it, while life goes on, Wel-met still clutches onto my inner soul. So many good memories. Does anyone out there remember the Donavan Concert at Madison Sqaure Garden that was a reunion a few months after summer ended? Liz Levenback....Eddie Cohen, Pete Bass and I had to walk you to your door from the subway station that night (afterall you lived in Manhattan - I believe you lived all the way uptown 'round 216th street). Anyway, we couldn't get back into the subway after we dropped you off (no token person on duty at that time of night!) so we had to walk accross the Harlem River and through the South Bronx (I stayed at Pete's House that night) . That was a most vivid experience for me.

Other WEstern Trip memories: The illinois State Fair, Alva Oklahoma (yes stew, we definitely looked scary to the local population!) and horse back riding on the open range, Alan Alterbaum getting up to the bus microphone and presenting the local trip news a la radio DJ, hiking the Grand Canyon, Amarillo and watching the first moon walk on TV at a KOA camp ground (BTW, I've been back to Amarillo a few years ago...Amarillo is not that foreign a place anymore...with the exception of cowboy hats and the constant stench a cow manure that permeates throughout the town). I could go on and on. If there is anyone out there from that great summer, please contact me. BTW, while I work in Washington State, my family (wife, two boys and a princess) lives in Las Vegas. Commuting is a bitch!

Nancy Kravitz, Leslie Medine, Doug Weber (who I underrstand is now Rabbi Weber), Stew, Stefi Goodnick, Frank Badome, Peter Bass, LIz Levenback, Cliff Blackman, Eddie Cohen, Edna Dix, Marc Berg, Lisa herzlick, Lisa Hellerman, Fran Smith and everyone else: Though the years have passed and trying to recapture old moments is a lost cause, you all have enriched my life and have become part of such wonderful memories.

So if you're reading this "thread" it would great to hear from you!

Bobby Brounstein
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