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Old 07-28-2006, 09:16 AM   #1
Scott Engelhard
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: St. Louis
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Unhappy Gorbachev, looks similar to; camper seeks help


Just as I'm coming to grips with and adjusting to ear hair, I'm suddenly getting one of those Gorbachev, Gorbachov marks on my forehead... what the heck is that all about?

it's not a sun thing... and I'm not going to fret, it's not a melanoma I'm sure... just a distinctive discoloration that makes me look more like the former Soviet talk show host...

do any of you older guys have these Mikail Gorbachoff marks? I assume you can't do anything about 'em, and I really couldn't care less... I'll just be glad to adjust, but, you know... it's not like i was ever a big vodka drinker, though I do enjoy a nice baked padada...

it's just something that I noticed today... it's kind of political... and it loosely fits with the new Sunday section forum theme thing.

By the way, may God bless the site administrators and workers. May Thy Will Be Done (not the computer guys' will, the Lord's).

Anyone who has anything negative to jibe in, or say, or anybody who points fingers at the gracious and hard-working website owners/hosters/workers, during the recent ridiculousness, should be ASHAMED of themselves. Ashamed. Stinker, stinker,stinker... Poo, poo, poo on you! That's triple poo!

You know what... quadruple poo, to infinity poo. That's the most poo possible. Ever. To infinity times infinity poo... you've been pooed.

and don't even get me started on Winnie the Pooh, the communist, honey-sharing bear, sharing the good stuff... I don't even know for sure if he was an American bear or what... or the Teddy Bear's Picnic bears... don't even get me started...

Just wanted to add wishes for a hearty and good Shabbas to all our campers of the hebrew faith, and their gentile and other friends, too... See you back here soon... y'all come back now, ya' hear...

***special forum bonus feature***

blues/race record Hook of the Day, 7.28.76, from Mesa Verde, CO

***by John Lee Hooker: You got dimples on your jaws... I got my eyes on you....
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Old 08-21-2006, 01:40 AM   #2
Scott Engelhard
Registered User
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 37
Smile false alarm

False alarm...

it was just a new hat... and the inside hat band was set a little too tight... it kept the hat on my head, even in the brisk Missouri breeze, but that's what left the mark on my head... a few days without the hat, and the mark was gone...

tight hats... that may explain a lot of things around here this summer... that hat was too fancy for me anyway... it was a gift...

anyway, that's why dermatologists get the big bucks!

Thanks to all who expressed concern, for all the calls and emails...

***special forum bonus feature***

blues/race record hook of the day -- June, 1970, from Mississippi

***by B.B. King: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother... and she could be jivin' me too..."

y'all come back now, ya' hear...
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