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With all the showings on TV and items in the newspapers - I find it very difficult to watch and/or read. My memories of the WTC go back to the days in which that area of lower Manhattan was a sore eye for the financial district. The Westside Highway was literally falling apart - chucks of the highway were falling down to the lower streets. The old row buildings were hangout for junkies and local mobsters (for lack of better words). There were some warehouses and very old piers.

Later a transformation - gone were the old buildings except for certain ones, large construction equipment was moving in, gone were the junkies and some of the local bad guys - and a large hole was beginning to appear. Slowly but surely, a red and black iron skeleton was beginning to appear - pushcarts with hotdogs and vans were replacing the old row houses/warehouses. In fact, I had a friend whose father was an electrician at the site - he had bought a warehouse down there to keep equipment in and store bulk items.

Years later after being in the Brokerage Industry for 30 years - it was gone. My friends at Dean Witter (now Morgan and Smith Barney) and my mentor - were in peril. My Brother-in-law was a VP for Merrill Lynch - two years before he had a heart attack, and gone to his cardio doctor that morning - he decided to go in early and walk north along Broadway to the Doctor's office. As he stepped out the first plane struck - his office faced Tower One in the Merrill Building - as he tried walk towards his office - all hell broke loose. I tried to contact my family, I went through the Merrill back door procedure to contact my Brother-in-law. I tried to contact friends at Dean Witter - NO LUCK . . . I was fortunate all my family and closed friends were alive, many associates and behind the scenes folks were not. I did loose some contacts/friends at Cantor Fitzgerald, a few associates at Dean Witter were injured but nothing like the overall effect and outcome.

I pray nothing like this ever happens again nor would my children ever experience this form of terror again.
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