"There's magic in the memories!!!

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  • It wasn’t about spending the summer in Europe.  We were either in Narrowsburg, Barryville, or Silver Lake.
  • It wasn’t about horseback-riding.  We had no horses.  Every now and then though, a counselor would bring his dog to camp.
  • It wasn’t about tennis.  We had no courts or racquets. We played softball in “The Bird-Cage”, and “Ga-Ga” in The Rec. Hall and in The Pavilion.
  • It wasn’t about archery.  We had no bows, arrows, or targets. We had knives we weren’t supposed to have, and played “Stretch”.
  • It wasn’t about water-skiing.  We had no motor-boats or skis.  We had 3 swimming docks, a fishing dock, row-boats, canoes, and a lake with about 2 inches of visibility.
  • It wasn’t about food. We ate “Gorilla Balls, Wel-Met Mish-Mash, Rocky-Mountain Toast (usually burnt), Government-surplus cheese and butter, and drank Bug Juice”.
The fact that we didn’t have “fancy” stuff meant nothing to us.  We came back year after year as campers because for those 3 or 6 week stretches, we got away from our parents, went swimming, played softball, did arts and crafts, went on hikes, camped-out in the woods, made-out behind the bathrooms, and had the time of our lives!!

Wel-Met Camps was always about meeting people and establishing friendships (some of which have lasted more than 30 years).

This website was created to give us an opportunity to reconnect with the many friends we spent all those wonderful summers with, and find out what they’ve been up to all these years. 

When we visit this site, it will also act as a kind of time-machine that will allow us to return to a place where our only priority was to have fun.  And did we ever!! 
If you searched for, and found this site, then you feel exactly the same way.

This site is dedicated to you, and to all who share Wel–Met’s “Magical Memories”.

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