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Welcome to the New and Improved WEL-MET Camps Web Site

Here is a quick list of improvements and new functions:

  • Improved reliability and stability, less downtime and increased navigational speed
  • Separated the Memory Forum and Photo Album into two user driven databases
  • We went to a system where the posts are created in categories or threads that can be searched, marked as read or found by last unread post.
  • Kept the old memories book, but split it into five parts that are available as read only.
  • Send e-mails to members from within the application.
  • The photo section is broken into sections with subcategories, to make it easier to find specific photos.
  • Users can post their own photos and add descriptions.
  • Photos are kept in a master database that can be searched by the user.
  • User can create albums and mark photos as favorites for printing or to include in e-mail messages.

Lets Get Started:

  • Registering for the site:
    The first step to using the new forum and photo section and their features is to register for the site. This requires that you pick a user name and a password and put in an e-mail address. This information is not distributed and kept within the database to help with the administration of some of the functions. This user name and password is the same for both the photo section and the memories forum. The username and password can be remembered and not entered each time you come to the site if the "use cookies option" is checked during registration and is enabled in you browser. It's not a bad idea to write this information down just in case. You will always be able to view the memories forum and photo section without a user name or password. You will not be able to post to an existing thread, create new threads or post photos without a proper login into the site.
  • How to use the Memories Forum:
    The Memories forum uses a "threaded" community forum style structure. This means that instead of having one long never-ending guest book, we have a guest book broken into categories and the categories are further broken down into subjects for discussion. These subjects of discussion are created by the members of the forum and are called threads.
    This means as a user or member of the forum you have two choices: post to an existing thread or create a new thread. This allows for a much fasted and more manageable way of accessing the information and reading the postings of people that interest you.
    At this time we have only two categories: The Current Guest Forum and the Old Guest Book. It is possible for the site administration to create more categories in the future but at this time we are going with these two.
  • How to Post to the Forum:
    You will see three buttons that control the posting options;, and . The only one of these that isn’t self-explanatory is "Quote". The quote button allows you to include the previous post into your reply and then lets you add on from there. This is the same option that is available in most e-mail programs. To post you, decide if you want to create a new thread or add onto an existing thread. If you want to add on, just use the post reply or quote button. If you want to create a new thread, click the new thread button and add a title or subject as well the body message of the first post in the thread.
    You can edit any of your posts using and at some point we hope to add a spell check option.
  • Other Forum Functions and Options:
    The software we are using to run the forum has a powerful database as part of its core structure. This means you can do searches of many types, receive notification of new posts as just a few of the more advanced features. If you are interested in any of these easy to use functions, click here to look through the FAQ, which can be always be found via the link on the forum home page.
  • How to use the Photo Section:
    The Photo section is set up in a similar format to the Guest book. The major difference is that we have created more categories and more subcategories. Because photos traditionally take a lot longer to load it's better to break things up, so you only look at photos you have an interest in. So, if you click on the category Western Trip, it will take you to a sub menu where you can look at pictures from a specific trip.
  • Uploading pictures:
    Any of the registered users of the website can upload pictures to one of the pre-existing categories from a simple built in interface.
    In the top right hand corner of any page in the photo section you will see a link labeled upload photos . Once you click this link it will take you to the upload photos interface page.

    Here are the steps to upload a photo:

  • Use the pull down bar to select a category for the photo to be uploaded to
  • Click on the browse button and navigate the path to the photo you want to upload. You can upload eight pictures at one time for a combine total of 2 Megs of photos. Photos must be in JPEG or GIF format.
  • Click submit
  • You will see a new screen where you will be able to enter a title and a description for each photo. You can also include keywords of your choice to help others find your photos when using the search engine. Using keywords is optional. Any information in the title or description is indexed by the databas for searching. If you wish to change the category you are posting a photo to, you may do so at this stage.
  • Click Process Files to finalize your upload.